Frameless and Semiframeless shower screens

Depending on your design and operating requirements, at Ausco we can advise you on the layout of your frameless & semi frameless shower screen if you call one of our expert sales people prior to finalising your bathroom layout.

Frameless shower screens come in a variety of styles to meet your wants and desires:

Wall to wall - 90° Square - 135° splay & the ultimate frameless sliding door system

Frameless shower screens provide your bathroom with class, splendour and a spacious look.

At Ausco we guarantee absolute quality and performance for our frameless shower screen with both our hardware and glass. All glass used for our frameless shower screens come in either 10mm or 12mm toughened glass and is made to meet Australian standards.

All showers are custom made so we can install a shower screen which best suits both your wants as well as give you the opportunity to be as flexible and imaginative as you would like. Our semi-frameless showers vary slightly to the frameless design.

All our semi-frameless shower screens come in 6mm toughened glass with a header bar which connects the glass panels together which ties them up to the wall. This still allows you to have the frameless design with a small frame without the bulkiness of a framed shower.

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